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There are two kinds of goth:
1) Usually a very creative and philosophical person. They are fairly intelligent, listen to many kinds of music although it is rarely packaged, plastic pop. If they do then it is because they want to rather than due to a need to fit in. These people are themselves, they are real. Not all of them are Satanists, they are not suicidal, murderous, or even scary as long as you don't fear what is different. They can be fun and happy and aren't ashamed to laugh at themselves. Goths do not appreciate being labeled. They usually wear a good amount of black, but have their own unique styles and wear color sometimes. They often have a dark disposition. Some people call me a goth, but I just consider myself different :)

2) Someone who just wants to rebel, or thinks that being goth is cool. They listen to bands like Slipknot and Korn, thinking that they are "soooo hardcore n' goffik". No offence to Marilyn Manson, but many of these posers will listen to him too. They are over emotional and whiny and just miss the entire idea of what a goth really is.
Real Goth: Hey man, how is it going?

Fake Goth: The world is crying and I want to kill myself and skin my family!! And I'm just so goth! So gothic I could just hang myself!!!

RG: *Looks around uncomfortably* well... don't do that... there is too much to live for... hey, maybe you should see a school counselor or something.

FG: No! They don't understand me, no one does! Only Fred Durst! Only he! *Charges away to bathroom*

RG: Poor guy. Wait, Fred Durst? What the?! Sigh. *goes back to reading poetry and hanging out with friends*

Note: I had no intentions of making fun of suicidal people, having been in that state myself a few years ago. I merely wanted to mock the fake goths who act suicidal for attention.
by frootloopsaretastey June 12, 2009
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