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The term used in the South Park show by Chef's dad to say "three fifty"
You got about tree fiddy?
by friedman February 22, 2003

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poon, vagina, cunt, pussy, poontang
I enjoy sideways smiles.
by friedman March 13, 2003

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One fucking awesome band
"You suck, motherfucker, I hate white power, I hate your band, cant you see this aint nazi germany, bring on the beers, cuz we are the queers!"
by friedman February 19, 2004

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toilet, john, crapper

This word is generally used by slutty urban-wanabee girls who are wiggers' bitches.
Candy, the local whore, needs to use the toy toy urgently, because she is nearly shitting her pants.
by friedman March 13, 2003

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A blunt with added cocaine.
He was rolling a clunt to smoke..
by friedman March 11, 2003

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The part of a joint that burns faster than other parts causing the J to become a roach faster; usually occurs when people don't roll property
I always have to tell weed n00bs to fix the damn runner.
by friedman May 21, 2003

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