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said by Conner Temple Tv.

He Called Me Dumb
"Wheres the Gc" "U Dumb As Hell Boy"
by fouledanchors June 23, 2022
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"vwrp is cool馃拃" this is a sentence mostly said by fatherless rejects, if you say this im sorry for you. yur gay Lol.
VWRP is really bad.
by fouledanchors August 31, 2021
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said by conner temple tv Cool Word
"岵坚布岵坚布岵坚布岵坚布岵坚布岵 鈥 Today at 10:36 PM
I Gotta Admit This
I Am Fouled Anchors
I Made this When I Was Bored Of VWRP
con 鈥 Today at 10:39 PM
by fouledanchors March 23, 2022
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