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When someone thinks they made a good comment, joke, statement, or accomplished something when in reality it made them look like a complete idiot.
Steve: Your mom was good last night! Oh I got you soo good!

John: Congratufuckinglations my mom is 76 and overweight. Good one man.

Or, Max: Yes I finally beat level 25 im fucking awesome.

James: Wow, congratufuckinglations why don't you go outside now you geek.
by fossboss August 28, 2009
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A general state of feeling like the boss. It is not referring to being at work. It is more of a state of power, a temporary feeling. You are the shit for a minute. Used as an adjective to describe a feeling.
You must feel so foss with that new car man.

"That outfit your wearing makes you look like the boss."-Person 1

"Yeah man, im feeling foss."-Person 2
by fossboss August 12, 2009
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