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scatter the riders is a saying,
if someone says scatter the riders its means to beat the fuck out off a bunch of cunts hanging together
scatter=fuck em up and leave em lying scattered all over the floor
riders=a group of people
mafia leader:scatter the riders
ML:well done
by flippa April 05, 2004

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the gay word used for bizzy is someone ever says bizzay smack em, smack em hard
oh no i cant fuck you in the ass now im bizzay,
i didnt ask for that faggot ...
hit kick smack hit bang hit kick smash ch.c...ch..c BOOM
by flippa April 05, 2004

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when you want to badly kick the shit outta someone real bad using waepons or anything you can find
lets GRAZE this mother fucker
by flippa April 04, 2004

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