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Annoying phrase said usually by soccer fans or players showing their love for the God awful sport.
"Socca Woo! I love soccer!"
by ficticiousnamebyauthor May 13, 2015

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When having a conversation and someone describes something as bad, weird, or stupid when someone says "like marriage."
One guy: "Towing is all about tension and stress"
Other guy: "Like marriage!"
by ficticiousnamebyauthor May 15, 2015

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Someone who is environmentally conscious, (powers house with solar panels, hasn't used paper since 2006, and drives a prius) but brags about it all the time by reminding people of how many polar bears you're killing and trees you're chopping down and how they aren't at all.
"wow, nice truck you polar bear killer"
"fuck you prius bitch!"
by ficticiousnamebyauthor May 22, 2015

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A republican who is as extremely conservative as either of the Bush presidents.
"I think gay people should be imprisoned for life!"
"Wow, you are such a bush republican"
by ficticiousnamebyauthor May 31, 2015

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