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A really great show by Butch Hartman, creator of The Fairly OddParents. It's about a boy who turns half ghost and has to fight the evil ghosts that come out of his parents' ghost portal with his buddies Tucker and Sam. While some people believe this show to be stupid and childish, it actually has very good plot lines and is very fun to watch. It doesn't hurt that the main character is adorable. :3
Danny Phantom was canceled after the third season, angering thousands of Danny Phantom fans around the world. On fanfiction.net, it is the second most popular category in Cartoons. On Youtube there are countless 'Save Danny Phantom' videos.

All in all, Danny Phantom is a great show with action, adventure, romance, humor, and kick-butt animation drawings.
Hater: Danny Phantom is gay!

Lover: What? Why?

Hater: ...He just is! I mean, a half ghost?! What the heck is that!?

Lover: Obviously, he's half human and half ghost, and I'm sorry that you can't appreciate a person's imagination just because you don't have your own.

Hater: But...But-

Lover: Just watch an episode.

(Watches an episode)

Hater: Hey! That's pretty good!

Lover: -smile-
by fentonphantom December 08, 2009

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