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Longcat's mortal enemy. Tacgnol's features are opposite that of longcat and is made of pure evil. On the day of reckoning Tacgnol and Longcat will face off on a battle for Earth and supreme justice.
gnolllllll, Tacgnol is gnolllllll
by fail March 3, 2007
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the location for one of the greatest understatements in history

Newark AkA brick city was once a beautiful city with mansions, brilliant parks and beautiful buildings, to compliment the bustling businesses that were also located there

when the 1st black family moved in, it was said "there goes the neighborhood"

and now newark struggles, with STDs, drugs, employment, poor leadership, and dilapidated buildings
newark used to be the prefect example for other cities to be built upon

the brick city is found to have the highest murder rate in the country
by fail April 14, 2008
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