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delmar loop (university city, mo):

a place where teenagers and people in their early to mid-twenties go to feel cool. seventeen year old girls who are under the impression that they're "scenesters" frequent this location to purchase big sunglasses, while the man in his mid-twenties sips on coffee outside of starbucks while playing some battle game on his laptop computer in an attempt to look like an intellectual.
17 year old girl: "let's go to the loop, and go to vintage vinyl and buy the new hawthorne heights cd, and then we can walk next door and buy big sunglasses, and then we can go see an r-rated movie at the tivoli"

other 17 year old girl: "yeah! and then when we get back to north county (bridgeton), we can tell everyone how we went to 'vintage' then bought some 'scenester glasses' and saw a cool indie film that we're barely old enough to get into."
by fadrite June 04, 2006

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