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A bent, smashed, or slightly torn cigarette.
Person1: Damn, I sat on my pack of cigarettes.
Person2: Hah! Now you have to smoke those Chinese cigarettes.
by facehouse November 10, 2011

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448 grams - As opposed to a real pound, which is 453.59 grams.

Also known as a nigger pound, jew pound, chinese pound, or any-group-of-stereotypically-cheap-or-lazy-people pound.
Person 1: If an ounce of weed is 28 grams, then a pound of weed must weight 448 grams, right?

Person 2: No sir, that's a hippy pound. One ounce is actually 28.3495 grams. Therefor a pound is about 453.6 grams.

Person 1: Well damn..
by facehouse July 04, 2011

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A fake account, created on one of today's many social networking sites, for the purpose of hiding ones identity or checking out one's own profile as it looks from other users' perspective.
Girl: I want to know what my status says damnit!!
Guy: You should make a stalker account.
Girl: wtf
Gut: Sign up for a fake email then create a fake account and check yourself out.
Girl: lol y is it called a stalker account?
Guy: I made that up just now
by facehouse August 17, 2012

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