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A town of Western Massachusetts noted as being an affluent community when in all actuality a majority of the town is nothing spectacular. Longmeadow does have an outstanding school system which attracts many people to the town. The athletic department has done quite well over the years. The mens' varsity lacrosse program was the crown jewel of the athletic department until the advent of other public schools offering lacrosse programs. As soon as competition appeared for the squad faded into obscurity. For roughly the past decade the football team has been the pride of the town having won numerous state titles or "Super Bowls" in recent years. The town is also noted for keeping just about every type of business out with the exception of banks, gas stations, Starbucks, Blockbuster, and the Gap. Not much fiscal development occurs in town and many residents find them shopping in nearby Springfield or East Longmeadow due to better prices. Did I mention the Jewish population weighs in around 40%? On the whole it's a nice place to live however many people who find themselves moving into town struggle with self-worth/-confidence/-esteem. Many Longmeadow residents take it upon themselves to stroke their egos by insulting neighboring East Longmeadow. The town does have a darker side which is found in gas stations where the children of the affluent commonly powder their noses. While it may seem that these kids are purchasing their cocaine with mommy and daddy's money they often engage in exchanging sex for drugs, granted not on a frequent basis.
Longmeadow sucks at lacrosse...Maller was a dick but at least they won with him...
by expatriate May 15, 2006

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