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Llyod Banks is fuckin sick and the illest member of G Unit. He's the future of rap no doubt next in line fa sho.
" I gotta a new toy that ill burn a hater, and put a red dot in his eye like the fuckin terminator" come on damn!" Its several knots in my pockets from the pay tracks, so I get more head than any stockin or a wave cap." "You can either get bucked or get ya ass jumped, the only trigger you touched is on a gas pump." ENOUGH SAID!
by Evolution October 01, 2003

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A Portable gaming machine made my Sony Computer Entertainment to go against the Nintendo DS. While some might say that the PSP has bad battery life and no touch screen, the great graphics can balance it out. In contrast, the Nintendo DS has great battery life and a touch screen, but it is missing the 3d quality of the PSP (When DS displays 3d graphics, it turns into a pixelated mess), along with the multimedia capabilities. Which machine you choose totally depends on your personality, while younger players might choose the DS, older console fans that prefer graphical quality will most likely go after the Sony Playstation Portable.
Wow! You bought a PSP? May I play with it tomorrow?
by evolution September 30, 2005

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