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The act of grabbing both of someone's nipples and/or the fat surrounding them, and hoisting them aloft by them. Depending on the weight of the person being Griffin Jibbed it will usually take a lot of strength to accomplish this task.
Guy 1- Why weren't you here yesterday?
Guy 2- I had to go to the emergency room because I got Griffin Jibbed.
Guy 1- I'm so glad I'm not you.
by evilcheesemonkey May 20, 2011

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A combination of free and retard used to describe someone who is excessively cheap and/or tries to get all of the things they are buying for free or at a reduced price with coupons.
Guy at checkout counter- That'll be $125.99 for your groceries.
Really cheap guy- But I have enough coupons to make it free.
Guy at checkout counter- You're such a freetard!
by evilcheesemonkey May 06, 2011

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