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1. To think so highly of oneself that all others are viewed as being separate.

2. To think you're better than all others and that you are all that matters.

3. High maintenance, uppity.

From the root "sedition" noun, which Merriam-Webster defines as "incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority"
Vanessa thinks that her new prom gown makes her better than everyone else at school. Just wait 'till that sedity girl sees my tight 'fit!
by ethermagus January 17, 2010
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adjective -- Offensive slang. Being so delicate as to lack all traces of masculinity, while still possessing an aggressive attitude.
Did you see Toshie bitch that waitress out? Let it happen to her though, and watch her crumble. Toshie such a delicunt trick!
by ethermagus October 2, 2019
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1. A person with extensive knowledge pertaining to various subject matters that extends beyond formal education. This person often gathers knowledge from various sources, such as media, friends, casual reading or the internet.

2. A person who attains knowledge from tradition sources, such as college, university or books, but studies the materials in unconventional locations, such as late night diners or parking lots.

note: This term is a play on words, based on "Rhodes Scholar."
example 1. Though Gary, a self-proclaimed rogue scholar, never even received a high-school diploma, his knowledge of physics and history is amazing.

example 2. Karl studdied his math homework all night at the Texan while drinking coffee. In spite of the noise and distractions, the rogue scholar did very well in his class.
by ethermagus February 24, 2010
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