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A pig toe is the more petite, dainty, and, hence, attractive version of the camel toe.
Her tight thong shows off her little pig toe--nice.
by eric torkelson January 25, 2005
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The mulletation is cancer-like growth in the form of a haircut (mullet). The disease initiates early in life as the parents of mulletation offspring often have the growth themselves. It is a relatively benign for the people who bare it however, the real victims are bystanders who must view this truely obscene condition.
His mulletation was fully developed and obviously well beyond treatment as he was advanced in age. Maybe if we could have reached him earlier he could be saved.
by eric torkelson January 25, 2005
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A jittery idiot. A jitterot is typically an overworked engineering student who becomes tired from too much studying and consumes caffine to wake up and continue studying. Upon caffination, the student realizes that he/she has studied too long and is becoming dumber by the minute, yet is wide awake. Now the would-be engineer is no longer able to think and is reduced to aimless form of calculator/equation masterbation--he is a jitterot.
I studied all night and drank Mt. Dew to stay awake. The next thing I knew, I could't add 2 + 2 and was a wide awake jitterot.
by eric torkelson January 25, 2005
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To blonk is to blow your nose and accidentally loudly honk it in the process.
I blonked my nose so hard I heard the echo in the room.
by eric torkelson January 27, 2005
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of course you dumbass
Indubitably, you dumbass. Do you even need to ask?
by eric torkelson January 28, 2005
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