3 definitions by erenissuperior

vry sexy person who’s one of my favourite mutuals i love them cry very funny content and very nice and BEAUTIFUL
person 1: “wow this person is so beautiful!!”
person 2: “iluvchr0llo is better baka
by erenissuperior March 13, 2021
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being so incredibly horny it concerns everyone around them. Horny at anytime e.g dentist, school, just anywhere. Its incredible atrocious.
person 1: you’re so..horny now.
person 2: i got slug syndrome 😒
by erenissuperior June 28, 2021
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a vry cool person on tiktok who i’m mutuals with . They draw very well and i laugh at their videos
Stan enbychrollo
by erenissuperior February 21, 2021
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