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A reaction to the work of Modern philosophers, most of whom created vast systems of meaning founded upon one central concept. In many religions, the central and beginning premise is some supreme being or concept. The postmodernist critique removes that central concept, it "decenters" the system of meaning. Postmodernism points out that all systems of meaning are in constant negotiation and flux, therefore claims of transcendant morality are suspect.

Furthermore, postmodernism critiques all claims of "objective" truth by revealing that human subjectivity always exists in every truth proposition. Due to the pervasive effects of subjectivity, postmodernist critiques are critical of all sweeping claims concerning social policy, truth, justice, morality, and ethics.

Finally, postmodernism is a school of thought which examines the traditional "either/or" dichotomies in modern philosophy, and reveals that these supposedly neutral dichotomies actually favor one side over the other. (Good/Evil, Above/Below, Male/Female)
Example one:
Modern Philosopher: "The word "justice" means ______"

Postmodernist: " The term 'justice' means many different things, depending on the subjective positions of the members of the discussion. Outside any discussion of 'justice', there is no meaning which we can find. 'Justice' 'exists' so long as we negotiate its meaning as between ourselves in our society."

Example Two:
Ignoramus: "Postmodernism means _______"
"Postmodernist" : " The label 'postmodern' applies in many different contexts, and it cannot be abstracted into only one meaning or definition, for that defies the very essence of 'postmodern', which of course is a non-essence. "
by entris February 17, 2005

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A party which can only be mentally conceived of, but of which no empirical data can be found.
John thought about having a philosophy student party, but in the midst of his mental wanderings he realized he was already having just such a party... a party in his mind.
by entris February 17, 2005

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