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A secondary co-educational boarding school which takes all those who were not accepted to Phillips Academy Andover and pretends like they are better. The Exonian student body is made up of pompous, unhappy, and boring individuals with an average amount of school pride, only because of their odd sense of horrific and over-competetive rivalry. They tend to sneak around slipping in snide comments about how their school is number one, when everyone knows that Andover is better, has been here longer, and has no weird obsession with the "Harkness table." In all honesty, Exeter is a fine school, but so is Andover and many of the Andover - Exeter kids are actually friends, and there are even some Andover-Exeter families, but there are some Exonians who take the rivalry too seriously and are overly mean and aggressive. In conclusion, Exeter is fine, sure, it'll get you somewhere but Andover will always be number one.
Bill from Connecticut: I went to Phillips Exeter Academy!
Chick he's trying to pick up: Cool beans...


Claire from Singapore: I went to Andover!
Guy she's trying to impress: Will you marry me?
Claire: Das right.
by emjohnson November 09, 2011

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