1 definition by emily¢¾

A fabulous chance to have a big gossip, catch-up, chat or plan with your best girlie friends ever!

Rules of Starbucks Tuesday:
*Must be on a Tuesday
*Must be in Starbucks
*Should always bagsy the sofas/comfy chairs!
*Everyone in your group should always be there!
*Nobody should ever cancel without a reason!
*What's said in Starbucks stays in Starbucks

n.b. If a silly little bitch hears a conversation that she shouldn't have, and goes on to tell the person that it concerns...IT NEVER HAPPENED...said people should be avoided 1-2 weeks though, just in case they try to make a drama out of it.
Emily, Abi, Flik and Anna had a Starbucks Tuesday for a big fat chat...and a coffee...and some ginger snaps...=
by emily¢¾ April 8, 2008