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A really hot girl who likes to smoke weed and will have sex with you as long as you have weed. But when the weed stops so does the sex.
"Dude that chick is such a little pot bunny. Shes hot, likes to smoke, and likes to fuck. Doesn't get much better than that."
by Ellunitiko April 19, 2010

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A play on the Yiddush word schmekel- however it used to describe someone who does something really stupid. Also it is appropriate to name someone Schmekels in ascending order (i.e. Schmekels 1, Schmekels 2, etc.), in the order they do something stupid. Schmeks is an acceptable use of Schmekels
There goes Schmekels #1, he earned that title after busting his head open the first night. Oh look, there goes Schmeks #19, it took him a while but he still made an ass of himself
by ellunitiko June 11, 2010

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