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The act of engaging in verbal competition with another whilst in the vicinity of the city of Canterbury, South East England. Such communication may include insulting the other, or the other's family or friends. When occuring amongst the student population (i.e. those attending Canterbury Christ Church of the University of Kent), it may be used to indicate the unimpressive drinking capability of a certain individual.
Example of Canter banter:
C4 student: "Dude, you can't drink for shit."
University of Kent student: "Oh yeah? Watch me down this jug of Snake Bite... not so big now are ya!"
C4 student: "That's not what your mum said."
by ellenstone July 26, 2009
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Is it possible to correct a spelling mistake in my definition of 'canter banter' submitted yesterday? The sentence should read "... Canterbury Christ Church OR the University of Kent" and not "OF". Thank you :-)
canter banter
by ellenstone July 27, 2009
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