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someone who spends a good portion of the day taking pictures of him or her self, using digital camera, computercam, or picture phone. you can identify a cam whore using these guidelines:
a) you are viewing a page on lj, myspace, friendster, flicker, a blog, or some other self-publishing/publicizing site
b) the subject is wearing a serious, seductive, pouty, or emo expression
c) the subject is complete with hipster clothes and / or hoodie, dark eye makeup, tousled hair, and some kind of prop or accessory ( ie, huge earrings, guitar, pet, trucker hat )
d) cam whores are usually identified by the tell-tale missing-forearm, a side-effect of holding a camera and pointing it at yourself. the alternate side-effect is a shot of the cam whore sitting in front of a desktop computer, looking off slightly to the left or right, with their hand placed on a mouse, in really bad lighting, due to the nature of computer cams
e) these pictures usually come in large groups, repeating the same ( d ) and ( b ), providing an alternate ( c ), and on multiple ( a )s.
i considered meeting him irl, but after i visited his myspace profile, i discovered he was a total cam whore.
by ella longpre December 18, 2005
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