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A rock band from Port St. Lucie, Florida who has recently been signed to FueledByRamen records. They've gone through many band memeber changes including a major change from a male singer to now female frontrunner Sierra Kusterbeck. She is backed by the incredible insturmental stylings of Blake Harnage, Anthony Martone, Devin Ingelido, and Jerry Pierce. Even though they are constantly being comparamored this band has an amazing sound of it's own that'll leave you blown away. With cult-like followings on Myspace and PureVolume, VersaEmerge is on the up and up.
"OMG have you heard VersaEmerge's EP Perceptions?"
"You know it. I love them! LOV.E.!"
by eliseisradd January 29, 2009

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Sierra Kusterbeck is the 19 year old, female vocalist of Port St. Lucie band, VersaEmerge. She replaced the former singer Spencer Pearson following the band's 2007 EP "Citites Built On Sand". She is known by her wild hair, multiple nose rings and strong voice as a female front woman.
VE Fan #1: Sierra Kusterbeck is amazing, yeah?

VE Fan#2: Yeah! I love VersaEmerge !!
by eliseisradd July 08, 2009

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The act of comparing another female-fronted band(usually VersaEmerge, Flyfleaf, etc.)to Paramore. this act tends to be frowned upon, but often happens. Dont be a victim of comparamoring.
"VersaEmerge kinda sounds like Paramore, huh?"
"Eww. You just comparamored. Not cool."
by eliseisradd January 29, 2009

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A common abbreviation for the band VersaEmerge used by it's many fans.
"I love V.E.!!!!!"
by eliseisradd January 29, 2009

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With cleverly placed periods, this acronym simply means love, but with a VersaEmerge reference. Used by the fans of the band.
"It'll never get old, and is overused immensely, but we LOV.E. it."
by eliseisradd April 13, 2009

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The first EP for the band VersaEmerge originally released in 2007 (pre-FBR) and sung by then vocalist, Spencer Pearson. The band still contained guitarist Blake Harnage and drummer Anthony Martone.

The tracklist:

1. "Forced Doors On The 14th Floor" 4:22
2. "The Blank Static Screen" 5:37
3. "Cities Built On Sand" 5:42
4. "Ennui" 4:19
Have you heard Versa's old EP "Cities Built on Sand"? It sounds so great!
by eliseisradd July 07, 2009

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