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To compare, often unfairly, a band, usually one with a female singer, to the band Paramore.
"Dude have you heard this band? They sound like Paramore!"
"Don't be such an ignorant, narrow minded douche and comparamore them!"
by Dick McCready January 30, 2009
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The act of comparing another female-fronted band(usually VersaEmerge, Flyfleaf, etc.)to Paramore. this act tends to be frowned upon, but often happens. Dont be a victim of comparamoring.
"VersaEmerge kinda sounds like Paramore, huh?"
"Eww. You just comparamored. Not cool."
by eliseisradd January 29, 2009
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When people who know nothing about music outside of major popularity compare every female-fronted band to Paramore. This is very unfair and doing it isn't cool, because it makes better bands look like they're a biter when they aren't.

Paramore is a somewhat overrated, but it is an awesome band everyone can get into, but stop acting as if they are the people who inspired other girls to start being bands. If anything it's the chick in that metal band (forgot name, but you should know).

It's just not fair!
Eyes Set to Kill (ESTK) fan: Yooo, have you heard this band Eyes Set to Kill? Bro, they are sick!
Casual alt. rock fan: Hmmm... Sounds familiar, but I'll hear 'em.
ESTK fan: (Hands iPod)
ESTK fan: ...No it doesn't. Paramore doesn't use screaming, you ass.
Casual guy: Nahh man! This is Paramore.
ESTK fan: Eat a dick, bro. Stop with the comparamore...
by 150 August 14, 2010
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