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A god among men. Creator of MSPaintadventures.com, and author of Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, Bard Quest, and Jailbreak. Andrew Hussie is well-known for owning the souls of all who read His work, most notably; Homestuck. Other names for this great and all-powerful being are; Waste of Space, Huss of Lips, AH, The Huss, and Orange Guy. He is also easily the coolest person in the universe(s). So cool in fact, that the man himself appears in Homestuck on numerous occasions and is actually the second most important character. Andrew Hussie enjoys activities that include but are not limited to; Blitzing Chakras, eating Tobelrones, Breaking the fourth wall (this one appears to be his personal favorite), riding magic dogs, trolling his many fans, typing recaps, wrecking theories, killing everyone, writing crazy plots, meeting deadlines, editing star trek, inciting shipping wars, buying lots of tiny dice, getting a formspring, deleting said formspring, dodging questions, following Betty Crocker and Little Debbie, looking at fan art, busting moves, painting himself grey, ruining conventions, crashing Newgrounds, adding on to his greatest creation to date (Homestuck), and bravely hunting down a four foot tall asshole in suspenders with nothing but a broom.
You have not lived until Andrew Hussie owns your soul.
by electricRapier July 06, 2012
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