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According to dictionary dot com:

"stu·dent n.

One who is enrolled or attends classes at a school, college, or university."

A person of any age, starting from 17/18. Can continue to be named a student for a number of years after they graduate.

Someone who has left school, and moved on to the freedom of life without parents control, much time is spent watching daytime television, drinking alcohol (day and night) sleeping until 4, staying up after a night out until after dawn. Many students enjoy drinking games and sourcing the cheapest alcohol available in the cheaper establishments in the town.

Generally speaking, student days are when many have the largest disposable income of their life, large companies are willing to give students large amounts of money to fund their student days, much of this is spent on alcohol consumption. And beans.

Parents send children off to university in the hopes that they study under the belief that they will attend every lecture they have signed up to and take part in responsible drinking. In reality, a student arrives at university, commences drinking, continues to do so until drunk, following this, drinks some more, then upon waking up the following morning with a hangover attends lectures only occasionally in the following 3/4 years.
John's a student, he has no time for a job, he spends it all drinking.

James has no money... he's a student.

Paul and Mary were so proud of their daughter Jane at university, however every time they called, she slurred "I'm studying, I'll call you when I'm sober.. I mean, about to tuck in for the night, since I've got a lecture at nine in the morning"
by electric-socks May 28, 2006
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