2 definitions by eiramanele

Beliefs, ideologies, opinions and appreciation of a person about himself or about anything that concerns him that is published/announced to the public.
1. I just found a site where I can publish all my meisms!

2. All these people who do nothing but post meisms on social networking sites are nothing but attention-seekers.

3. Can you not talk about your meisms for just a second?
by eiramanele January 5, 2011
Someone who will say/do something early in the morning that he/she knows can ruin your mood all throughout the day.
Even though you are my bestest friend you shouldn't text me at 5 in the morning just to tell me that I looked awful last night. What a mood wrecker!

Kid: (Pouring chocolate syrup on pancake)

Mum: (Gets the chocolate syrup) Enough of sweets!

Kid: Good morning Mrs. Mood Wrecker

When you're late for work and the only cab available asks for additional fee. *(&*(^%###!
by eiramanele January 13, 2011