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The boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania. A symbolic dividing line between the North and the South before the Civil War. The two surveyors who mapped the line, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, are the namesake for the imaginary border.
Once you've crossed the Mason Dixon line headed North, you're not likley to find a Waffle House.
by ebradfor November 11, 2005

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Made from Orange Pekoe Tea leaves this non-alcoholic beverage, served cold and moslty below the Mason Dixon line is a Southerners favorite treat on a hot day (or with pork BBQ). Sugar is added at the time just after brewing "while the tea is still hot". This allows the sugar to disolve more evenly and produces a fine treat. Can be garnished with a Lemon. (See also Ice Tea)
Snow Bird enters a Waffle house:

Waitress "What can I get you folks to drink?"
Snow Bird "Ice Tea"
Waitress ""We have Sweet Tea"
Snow Bird "You people in the South, can't you drink Ice Tea like the rest of America?"
Waitress "Sorry, we drink Sweet Tea, now go back to New York you Yankee bastard"
by ebradfor November 11, 2005

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