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said in conversations to confirm that one is serious and NOT kidding around this time. Often said in anger but can be said kidding around and you are NOT fo real.. your just kidding... and it is oddly ironic.
dont be frontin with me foo.. i am fo real
by eba weba December 31, 2003

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when youve had no sleep and you have entirely too much work to do and theres no way you can pass college with anything over a 2.0 without staying up for weeks at a time. that is overwhelmation my friends
i am in a state of overwhelmation due to a constant bombardment of stress balls.
by eba weba December 28, 2003

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name of the famous actor seen in the infamous movie Natty Gann. When adding his name to any sentence one finds that the sentence becomes oddly humourous.
example 1 : shut up and kiss me john cusack
example 2: stop throwing snowballs at me john cusack
example 3: will you be my older brother with benifits john cusack?
by eba weba February 07, 2004

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f U C K .
do i need one ?
by eba weba January 19, 2004

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sketchy kid on the second floor, inclined to watch lord of the rings with unhot alex. people are better frinds with his bowl than they are with him. every college has a wierd mike...find your own tonight!!
we met wierd mike from the second floor as we searched for the bathroom in a drunken stupor.
by eba weba December 28, 2003

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