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A sarcastic title for ministers of some Mennonite churches. They wear dark suits sans ties and $30 black shoes, and have carefully combed and gelled hair and neatly trimmed beards They have a habit of driving around in minivans and checking in on all the good little Mennonites, to make sure they don't have radios hidden in their cars or TV sets in the closet. And if, heaven forbid, they find a harmonica or a camera stashed away somewhere, they will excommunicate you and cut you off from God and His Most Holy One True Church to burn in hell for eternity, 'cuz you're "worldly."
Mennonite friend: Hey, listen, can you keep all my CDs and shit for the weekend? We're having the Men in Black over for Sunday dinner.

Me: Sure, no problem man.

Mennonite friend: Thanks. I'd hate to be excommunicated and burn in hell if they found my stuff.
by eX-Menno November 17, 2007
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