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(1) A homosexual that tries way too hard to look & act & talk like the homosexuals you see on the popular media.

Alas, their attempts appear pathetic or half-assed or vastly extravagant to the point that they appear like a sloppy, half-made copy of the top-tier homosexuals that are way too beautiful & successful to even be considered normal human beings.

Note: This definition is purely for entertainment purposes, not in any way meant to harm/belittle/make fun of the lgbt community.
“You see that man in the middle of the parade? All dressed up in vibrant rainbow cloth, with brilliantly colored hair, his makeup is so freaking sloppy, isn’t it? Haha, how Homo-Pathetic of him...”

“For all the gay youtuber beauty guru videos you’ve watched, John, your makeup skills haven’t even gotten to the part where you look all flawless & angelic as them. How homo-pathetic I might add,” he teased.

“Watch & learn, guys, “ Bob exclaimed in an extravagant yet high-pitched voice, moving his hands all over the place like he knew what he was doing’ “as I put on this drug store foundation that exactly matches my skin tone & totally doesn’t make me look all tanned!” *giggles for the hundredth time in a three minute video*
by eChildOfNight June 25, 2018
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a piece of folder origami paper and another name for a paper fortune teller; used only for entertainment purposes
"Hey there kid, wanna try out my awesome, handmade, specifically crafted for you, special tippy top?"

"My tippy top is able to determine what you will encounter in the future, guaranteed!"
by eChildOfNight March 5, 2017
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