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Comeback-ing truly is an artform. Attempted by many, mastered by few, it is art of quickly replying to an insult with and even better insult. To conquer the skill of the comeback there are 2 skils necessary; Quick wit and originality.
Pimpely faced person: Hey!
Loser idiot boy: Omg! have you heard of Pro-Activ?
Pimpely faced person: It's a part of growing up, not that you would know!
Random guy who pops up: Snap Crackle and Pop!

guy: Yo mamma is so fat she is like a whale! hahaha
other witter guy: Yo mamma's so fat i burnt my ass on the light when i was fucking her last night!
Guy: ... *punches other witter guy in balls to try and prove his manlyness after being completly owned*

A few weeks later....

Guy: yo mammas so fat i burnt my ass on the light last night when i was fucking her
other wittier guy: Dude, if i wanted my own comeback i'd wipe it off your mums face!
Guy: ...
Other wittier guy: *runs away because he doesnt want to get hit in the balls again and unlike the other guy he learns from his previuos experiences*
by e-foshizzle March 14, 2008

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A thing that stupid or funny people do when dared or drunk or both... to do this, you stick your dick between your legs and set your pubes on fire.
(This is an example of funny people doing it when dared)
Person: At G.A.Y Mcfly got challenged to do a flaming lady and they did it, ON STAGE!

(Response is stupid people doing it when drunk)
Other person: Yeah! omg my brother did that! but he was drunk and kind of an idiot and his snail trail caught on fire and then he set his shirt alight! hahaha

Person: Thats not funny... thats just stupid.
by e-foshizzle March 12, 2008

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