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James Tapp a.k.a Soulja Slim was born september 9, 1977 in New Orleans,Lousiana.. He lived his lyrics and was a tru g.He backed up every word he said and was arrested multiple times.Still he was able to bounce back.He achieved a lil success on Master P's No Limit record label.But left the label to start Cut THrought commitie even better then no limit.
His albems include:
1994: Soulja fa Lyfe
1995: The Dark Side
1998: Give It 2 'Em Raw (Platinum)
2001: Streets Made Me (Gold)
2002: Years Later
2003: Years Later...A Few Months After
2005: Greatest Hitz
2005: Uptown Souljas (Mixtape) (with B.G.)
In my oppinion he's the best n most cutt throat to come out of new orleons and is a legend.St8 street shit.

Ima down south 3rd ward/ magnolia die hard/cut throat to the fullest so i ain never scared boi
soulja slim.....
Aye Dat soulja slim cd raw ass fuck..
by duvalraised July 11, 2008
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