5 definitions by duhzer

it means its hella whatever is in your mind. you say it when you cant find the right word.
-New Moon was hella hella!!!

-That dude was hella hella o_O
by duhzer December 05, 2009
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A: "Yo B, what does idno mean?"

B: "Sup A, idno man."
by duhzer April 09, 2011
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A: i just cant take this anymore. pleave.
B: pleave your messages after the tone. thank you.
by duhzer March 17, 2015
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marcail is a complete loser who doesnt know the definition of words/names. a complete illiterate.
marcail thinks hosna's are useless but he's just a jerk thats why. its pretty impressive how he can even manage to write a new word on urbandic.
by duhzer February 15, 2010
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yth did u do that!?!?!?
by duhzer May 30, 2009
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