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Hi tops tongue out, acid wash tapered leg, short-sleeve button-up print with one to many buttons undone, long crew cut with stiff gel, swatch watch

preppy boy swag, hey!

surf prep

ivy surf
Kelly K. says to her friend Jess S. "Look at that hot guy, he looks like he just walked out of a JC Penney magazine."

Z.M. walks over and says "I noticed you ladies eyeing me, if you must know I only wear Arizona jeans."

He walks away slinging his jean jacket over his shoulder like he just left a Canadian wedding.

Jess S. says "Oh my gosh, he is the preppiest prepster I've ever seen."

Z.M. stops to let out a fart and looks around to see if anybody heard.

The girls, oblivious to his flatulence, blush thinking about how deeply embedded his jeans are into his ass.

e.g. Zack Morris (SBTB) = prepster
by dubedge July 16, 2012
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The repetitive act of perusing the latest updates on Drudge Report.

Usually performed at least three times per day(morning, afternoon, and night), but often 10's if not 100's of times per day depending on if the year is an election year and the drudger's access to an Android phone or Apple iPad.

Could be classified as a mental illness with the likes of OCD and Seperation Anxiety.

Also could be another term for searching the internet for interesting news or current events.
"Hey bro, Tom has been drudging all day without eating anything. I think he has a serious problem," says Dave.

"Of course he's drudging, Fukashima just melted down, a lady in London married her jack russell, a homeless woman was carrying dead bodies in a wheelbarrow, and Obama just played another round of golf," Bill replies.

"I'm so utterly out of tune with the rest of the world. I need some Drudge in my life," Dave comments.
by dubedge June 3, 2011
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