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Even though this is a common russian term for a rather fatherly figure, the name is ambiguos. A Battia (known as Attia by Rosey students) is stump like homosapien who currently inhibits in switzerland, la combe . He usually takes pleasure in screaming at girls and punishing them by making them clean his shit. The extremely rigorous and challenging sport of volleyball is a battia's favorite activity. Especially when the athletes invovled wear uniforms that are too fitting for their vuluptuos bodies and accentuate humps and lumps for his personal enjoyment. Battia's do not hibernate yet they move to a different habitat in the winter time usually the mountanous areas of Gstaad in the Swiss Alps. Here they appreciate and practice the winter sport of skiing. The echoes of a battia's voice are magnified by the geography of this zone ( when bellowing at his victims which are usually girls of a tender age). Battias can be identified by their signature waddle in their walk. Battias usually mate with "mattias" which are their natural partners. A battia's mother tongue is the french language which he uses to communicate with everyone. A battia refuses to speak anything other than french even though he is perfectly capable of uttering a select amount of words in english with a heavy accent of a frog.
what is that waddling figure I see apprroaching me?

EXCUSEZ-MOI MADEMOISELLE DUARKANOVA , GO CLEAN MY GARDEN !!!!!!!!!!! But first you must bounce around in spandex while I stare at your lady humps and I order you to play better! Then i shall go skiing and mate with my mattia or recoing but refrain from reproducing.

Yes sir... (Oh.. how I hate battias)
by duarkanova December 16, 2007

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