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only the best/worst soap opera in the world. A music video drama in 10 episodes, where R. Kelly sings the parts of all the characters. starts off with R.Kelly banging a woman (kind of too old to be believable), her husband coming home, him hiding in the closet, his phone going of, him getting pulled over by a cop who is doing the dirty with his wife, who he was introduced to by the buttbuddy of the gay pastor husband of the woman r.Kelly was cheating with.
me: have you seen trapped in the closet yet?
person: no, is that like a new movie or something?
me: they play it on BET when they play videos! its r.kelly's soap opera. you gotta see it.
by drunkballerina September 28, 2005
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a girl who spends money on "haute couture" (real or fake), without realising that no matter how much money she spends on clothes, she will always be a cheap-looking skank.
paris hilton is the most famous gucci hoochie.

all the gucci hoochies were standing around in the parking lot at school, admiring a football player's new BMW.
by drunkballerina September 28, 2005
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