3 definitions by drpepper1923

A girl that whenever you look at just makes you wanna die from the site of her.
Guy: damn you are cuteeeeeee
chyane: why yes i ammmmmmmmm
by drpepper1923 April 4, 2009
one who plays the guitar while people try to sleep and is in love with his guitar and fucks it on a regular basis. codys also like to wake people up becuz they are afraid of the dark. they also talk in high pitched voices when a girl is around whilst dissing there friends hoping to fuck them in the ass.
josh:hey cody wanna play halo
cody(while around girl): fuck no i only guitar... to girl:am i cool? wanna fuck?
by drpepper1923 August 29, 2007
the act of being cuter than anything else ever to exist.
wow that chyane girl is the cutest thing i have ever seen.
by drpepper1923 April 4, 2009