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An alternative term for 'premenstrual syndrome' or 'PMS'.
Dude 1: My girlfriend just trashed my car and set fire to my house!
Dude 2: Wow! What did you do?
Dude 1: Nothing! I think it's just that time of the month!
Dude 2: The bloodcunt crazies, tough luck mate.
by drlukeyboy May 26, 2009
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A homeopathic friend, that is, the smaller the dose, the better they are.
Ben: Oh no, here comes Steve!
Sally: I thought he was your friend?
Ben: Oh no, just a homeopal.

Sally: Better in small doses?
Ben: Spot on. Quick, let's jump down this manhole.
by drlukeyboy August 11, 2009
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