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An herbal essence

FYI, Did You Know?
In Canada, it's mandatory for everyone between the ages of 13 and death to light up at least 1/4 Oz a week. There is also a minimum of 2 papers per joint (equivalent of 1 Philly Wrap). It is recommended that you carry extra weed as the RCMP (Royal Canadian Marijuana Pinchers) are known to confiscate your weekly supply. Every Sunday, which is the day Canadians pray to the Holy Plant, Urine Samples must be given to determine the amount of THC in your body. If your THC level falls below 0.58 your Daily Prostitute privileges are taken away and are forced to wear a sign that reads, " I'M A FUKKIN LOSERRRRRRRRRRR"
Person 1: Ey man how much weed you smoke this week?
Person 2: None at alll man i been sik with pneumonia
Person 1: Hello, 911!?!!Come quick there's a pussy on the
911: Huh??..o shit thats rite, ummmm.. call back in like 5 min ok buddy...yoooo, relaxx Lieutenant!! stop bein such a roach killer..{Click}
by drizzo613 June 27, 2006
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