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A school flowing with excess garbage because all they did in elementary/middle school age (fyi, it was all one school) was argue over who would or wouldn't last in high school, or who was cool or who wasn't, when in reality most of them were garbage and only about 2 people from there were actually cool. People at concordia generally listen to trashy music, wear trashy clothes, and really learn way too much BS than what they will ever need to survive after finishing high school and college because they ride their teachers' tips to hard. With about 395 white people, 3 black people, and 2 hispanics, concordia kids think they're the shit when really they are ultimately a sorry school compared to the public school system because you will only know so few people compared to public schools and they are way less strict about what you wear and say.
matt asked me a week ago what weed was when i took him to a party. i felt so embarassed. it's because he goes to concordia high school.
by driftin1deep January 03, 2011
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