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the term for someone or something reminiscent of old school blacks as far back as prehistoric OGs (cotton fields) or even to the swaggerish extent of Barry White.
Man Denzel Washington was sooo throwblack in Training Day, king kong aint got nothin on me either.

Yo I was just talkin to this kid George, honestly I didn't understand a word he said, but I know it was throwblack.

Gee golly peppermint sticks, Johnny, that swell kid Jamal is sure throwblack.

by dr kenneth noisewater April 14, 2009

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the term for "increment" after 6 months of consecutively getting crunk 3-4 days out of the week. Incrementation is the product of learning more complex words while losing your brain's natural ability to pronounce them do to alcohol and drugs. It is synonymous with signification, examinaplicability, groundification, multiplicability-ness, and using words like atbrosphere and ill nanas in an environmental science research paper.
John, tell me the incrementation on the graduated cylinder, I really want to bust a nut on this lab report.

The incrementation on the posterior node imparts a subtle irregularity with modern geological constructs, and the overall validity of paleontology as a well-founded institution!
by dr kenneth noisewater May 10, 2009

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