environmental science: about area, region's science analysienvironmental science: about area, region's science analysis
Environmental science: the OU Q52 module seems a study chosen by Jesmion; however he has studied other related courses alongside environmental science at the open-university
by Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe August 25, 2017
An advanced placement class with the fundamental skills of eighth grade science and a teacher similar to Jane Goodall. Various forms of persuasion will be used to encourage you to own a Prius and be a vegetarian. Can be used as a form of torture and governmental mind-fuckery. Apparently there is a field trip to the zoo. Don't be naïve and sign up because you want to go to the damn zoo. You will regret this.
Ex. Me: Why the hell am I in AP environmental science? I don't give a shit about the environment.
by Gentleman&Scholar March 4, 2015
A place where there is people that are tall, short, farm boy, hoopers, soccer, and me King, Gavin, Luka L, miles, Layne Calysto, and Luca T, and Logan, and arbor, and y
lets go to springwater environmental science school to make some friends with a short kid tall kid farm boy hooper couches sitters and King,
by bear at your mom May 3, 2022
A high school located in Baltimore County. A magnet schook, it has various focus programs based on the individual student's preference. But a magnet must be chosen before the student enrolls. You must also apply.

A side note: Basically run by its non-existent princpial Richard Jester, seeing as how I've only seen the man 7 times since 2006 (My freshman year). Ran by the Class of 2010. All other graduating classes bow to us. As simple as that.

"Yo, where you go to school at?"

"Western Tech a.k.a 2010's chill spot."

"O yea, I heard that yall run dat school."

"Damn straight nigga...Western Tech (Western School of Technology and Environmental Science)"
by How I rock August 4, 2008