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1. to be happy, glad, and jovial.

2. to be physically attracted to the same sex.

3. a generic insult used by uncreative individuals.

4. used to describe an unfortunate incident, awkward situation, or something thought of as negative by the user.
1. - (older female) "you look happy Jim "

- (odler male)- Jim "my viagra came in so you and I are going to have a gay old time.

2. - guy1- guys I have something to tell you..... I'm gay!"

guy2- ha, I always knew it.

guy3- your going to hell!

guy1 & 2- .........!?! 0_0

guy3- relax I'm just messing with you.

guy2-yeah, everybody knows and nobody cares.

also see: Tom Cruise

3. on xbox live playing halo 3 "your gay man, using sticker grenades the whole time, suck my dick"

4. guy1- "whats wrong man?"

guy2-"I showed my parents my report card and they took away my T.V. and driving privileges for a week.............. and my dad beat my ass"

guy1-"dude thats gay as hell, sucks to be you"

guy2-"thanks, your a true friend"

guy1-"kiss my ass"
by doucebag69 September 14, 2009

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