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A German EBM band. Noted for a heavy focus on military themes (despite being anti-military) and having an almost anthematic sound in each of their songs. Sometimes critisized of being formulated, but what band isn't.
Funker Vogt is awesome. People that accuse them of being formulated need to stop listening to Dragonforce.
by doom_forever August 21, 2006

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Plastic and worthless 9 member nu metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. Completely fake, followed almost entirely by a mainstream audience of stupid mallgoths that thing they are hardcore. Known for wearing masks on stage, an idea stolen from GWAR and Mushroomhead in an attempt to look as scary as possible, and they end up looking dumb. Known for an "energetic" live performance which consists entirely of more than 9 people on stage, only 3 playing, a fog machine or two, and a couple of people running around beating on random instruments like retards. They sing really badly written songs about depression that are sure to be up any emo kid's alley. Also well known for their drummer Joey Jordinson, who likes to go backstage after shows filled with 12 year olds and screw the girls, potentially the most overrated drummer ever. Only 3-5 members of the band ever do anything, and their sound could easily be pulled off by just 3 or 4. And finally, as Roadrunner Records (worst company ever) biggest bitches, they allow Roadrunner to control them entirely, producing and owning all their own music, giving them no say in how their band is run.
Slipknot is the worst band ever in my opinion, down there with Korn, Mudvayne, Otep, Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, hell really any other nu metal and emo band.
by doom_Forever May 21, 2006

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