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a lame movie that is not scary at all unless you do not know any better and believe it is real. there are three different endings. the people could not act. it does not matter that there was not any blood or whatever, and i have a wonderful imagination, but the movie was only suspenseful. it was slow paced. it is not the most terrifying horror film. the movie was pretty much filmed in the bed room, and the only thing that happened was a door wiggling, some annoying footprints that took forever going up steps, animal footprints in the powder they left in weird places, the girl stood there, and some screaming.

a total waste of money.
"dude, did you go watch paranormal activity?"
-"ya man, my girl didn't even get scared, it was so lame"
"ya i know, i'm so glad i didn't go to theaters to watch that over hyped lame movie"
-"haha yah. they couldn't even pronounce Micah right!"
by dollfacexxzz22 November 02, 2009

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