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(noun) - When someone, most commonly a female, has her torso blend directly into her hips. Laking shapeliness or the desired hourglass figure. In other words, the upper body equivalent of a cankle. Jewish girls are notorious for this once they pass the age of 25, but just before they turn into full blown pear-shaped versions of their mothers.
Damn man, from the side, I saw those titties and thought mmm I might want me some. But once she turned and I saw those torships, I realized I would be in for a sweaty, bumpy ride.
by dmoney$$$ May 10, 2010
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When you have that feeling that you are about to sneeze, so you make the stupid face like you are about to orgasm, and you sit there and wait, and wait, maybe stare at the sun or do a couple quick sniffles hoping to hurry the sneeze up.... and then you lose it. And it hurts and it sucks and your life is ruined.
Yo dog I felt a little tickle right above my sick moustache so I prepared myself for this epic sneeze, I mean I had on my O-face, lookin up in the sky just waitin for the magic to happen, and then.... nothing. I got blue nose!
by dmoney$$$ July 29, 2010
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