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When someone always does something you would expect them to or always responds with the same expression or emoji.
1. predictable;
2. repetitive;
3. expected reaction
1. You are so bot with that emoji.
2. If you do that, you know what she'll do because she is so bot.
3. You're so bot when I ask if you want to come with us so I didn't ask.
by djkitteh June 12, 2018

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1. A music and cat loving person who brings others together with entertainment, music and humor. Sometimes very extroverted and sometimes wants to be alone giving this person the personalities of both a dj and a cat. However this kitty is intelligent so don't underestimate them!
2. The famous cat in the viral youtube video who dances to the song: "Cat, I'm a Cat. And I Dance Dance Dance. And I Dance Dance Dance."
1. She's such a djkitty. One minute we're hanging out having fun, the next she's nowhere to be found!

2. Have you seen that youtube video with the djkitty and the song "dance dance dance"? It's so hilarious! You have to see it!!!
by djkitteh June 15, 2018

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