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love; the word that no one can define.

my version of love towards a partner..the worst and best thing in the world.

it can be the best thing when your 'in' love, or fuck even 'out' of love (reppin the single life ;))..but when you least expect the 'best thing' will creep up on you and turn your life upside down and then you're stranded to deal with all of its followings.

unfortunately, we have these little 12yr olds who run around saying it like it bloody oxygen. it is not always available. and for the record world, you don't need to say i love you to your boyfriend or girlfriend unless you mean it. and buddy you cant fall in love in two weeks, it is a long and hard process.

it's also something you need to be warned about. love is like pandora's box, once tempered with, never closed. <- brilliant philosophy eh? ;)
bob: i think i love her
jerry: you don't love her, you met her last night at a club. she is just a booty call

bob: oh..
by dinosaurfeet379 February 23, 2010

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