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A live action television show on Nickelodeon about four hockey playing teens from Minnesota are taken to LA to become pop stars in a boy band. The foursome includes: Kendall Schmidt (Kendall Knight), James Maslow (James Diamond), Carlos Pena Jr. (Carlos Garcia), and Logan Mitchell (Logan Henderson). Other cast members include comedian Steven Kramer-Glickman, Ciara Bravo, and Challen Chates. The show is really aimed towards middle school aged kids, but many teenaged kids have gotten into the craze as well. The show is funny, but can have some very gay undertones in the midst of the 'best friends' thing. The four actors are sexy, can sing, and dance. What more could you want?
Sarah: did you watch Big Time Rush last night? Lori: Yea, those four boys are fucking sexy as hell.
by dinosaur shaped chicken March 07, 2010
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